OLLI facilitators are volunteers who design courses based on a desire to share their love of a particular subject. They need not have a related degree or professional experience. To thank our facilitators, these benefits are provided:

  • Priority registration into the other OLLI courses of your choice.
  • A price discount on your OLLI courses – 35% off.
  • A reduced price on an annual parking pass – 35% off.
  • Invitations to facilitator events and trainings.

Facilitators of 8- and 12- week courses receive these benefits not only in the term in which they lead a course but through the balance of the academic year. Facilitators of 4-week courses received these benefits for term in which they are leading a class. Please note that no more than 2 people may be considered facilitators of a 4-week course and no more than 4 people may be listed as facilitators of 8-week courses.

Please note that facilitators do not register for courses they are involved in leading.