• Janet Gillow, Director
  • Denise Zona, Administrative Coordinator
  • Christine Fleming, Administrative Assistant
  • Aditya Agnihalli Rajendra, Student Assistant

Volunteer Leaders

Three volunteer advisory committees support and guide OLLI’s offerings and operations.

Executive Advisory Committee

Kelly Jordan, Chair
Joe Schlafly, Vice-Chair
Julien Worland, Secretary
Andrea Clark, Curriculum Chair
Steve Ehrlich, Member at large
Alice Fugate, Member at large
Gary Handelman, Member at large
Rita Hulbert, Member at large

Curriculum Committee

Andrea Clark, Chair
Cindy Turner-Johnson, Secretary
Alice Fugate, Art & Architecture Chair
Greg DiBlasi, Contemporary Issues Co-Chair
Gene McNary, Contemporary Issues Co-Chair
Sarah Wilson,  Creative Writing & Storytelling Chair
Sol Guber, Entertainment Arts Co-Chair
Linda Shedlofsky, Entertainment Arts Co-Chair
Jan Jacobi, Fiction & Literature Chair       
John Dwyer, History & Biography Chair
Charles Kuhn, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine (STEMM) Chair
Michael E. Nolan, Social Studies Chair
Jeannette Altman, Member at large
David Brown, Member at large
Karen Sterbenz, Member at large

Membership Outreach & Retention Committee

Joe Schlafly, Chair
David Newman, Secretary
Susan Figenshau
Joanne Fritz
Jim Gadell
Rita Hulbert
Kelly Jordan
Pat Magee
Rita Wylie