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Membership Options

All-Inclusive Membership

$685 Full Academic Year

Our All-Inclusive Membership is perfect for people who want to take advantage of the entire OLLI experience. This full academic year option entitles you to take up to three courses in the summer, fall, winter, and spring for a total of 12 courses. Members at this level can add extra study groups for $160 each. This membership also covers the $10 membership fee (beginning in fall 2019) and $25 surcharge for continuing courses (Reading The New Yorker, Reading The Economist and Current Events). Pay $685 or only $57.00 per course. This membership is available to purchase in the summer.

The All-Inclusive Membership is non-refundable.

Annual Membership

$475 Full Academic Year

The Annual Membership is for students who want to engage in a learning community but may travel in the summer and aren’t quite ready to participate at the All-Inclusive membership level.

Students are entitled to take either (a) two 8-week courses or (b) one 8-week and two 4-week courses in each of the fall, winter, and spring terms. Students who purchase the Annual Membership will be exempt from paying the $10 membership fee and the surcharge on SIG courses.

This membership will be available for $475 in the fall. The summer term, as usual, is not included and must be paid for separately.

The Annual Membership is non-refundable.

Individual Course(s)

$80 for each 4-week course / $160 for one 8-week course

Students can also sign up for courses individually, paying by term. Please note that the price of a single four-week course is $80 this summer. In the fall a single eight-week course will be $160. There is no discount for a second course.

A once-a-year $10 membership fee will be charged. The membership fee is non-refundable.

Parking at West Campus

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University in St. Louis is located on West Campus at 9 North Jackson Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63105.

OLLI students have two options for parking at our West Campus:

ParkSmart Annual Permit

$75 (annual rate)

The ParkSmart permit permit allows OLLI students to park:

  • in the West Campus Garage on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors,
  • in the ParkSmart area of the surface lot to the north of the garage,
  • in the ParkSmart area on the surface lot near the Metro stop at West Campus.

There are a limited number of “OLLI Only” parking places in the garage for use with the ParkSmart permit. Students can purchase a ParkSmart permit in our office or online through our online registration system. 

Note: after purchasing a ParkSmart permit, students must fill out our Vehicle Registration form.

Accessible Parking
Students with a valid state-issued ADA placard and a ParkSmart permit may park in any handicapped parking space in the garage.


Students are able to use the Passport Parking app to pay per hour with a credit card when arriving to the West Campus Garage. The rates are as follows:

  • $2 for up to two hours
  • $4 for two-to-four hours
  • $6 for four-to-six hours
  • $9 for six-to-ten hours
  • $12 for 10-15 hours