Volunteer Spotlight: Julien Worland

Meet longtime OLLI member and Executive Committee Secretary.

Trained as a clinical psychologist specializing in children and families, Julien joined OLLI about 15 years ago. While still practicing psychology, a friend invited him to join the Reading the Wall Street Journal course. Julien saw the wisdom of starting an OLLI membership then, in preparation for the day he was fully retired.

In the 10 years since he retired, Julien has taken dozens of classes, including courses on literature, cultural history and memoir writing.  For the last 5 years, he has ably served on the Executive Committee in the role of Secretary.

Outside of OLLI, Julien is part of the vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church.  He also enjoys singing.

“OLLI has been very important to my well-being in retirement.  I’ve learned so much here that I never would have been exposed to without OLLI,” said Worland.