Volunteer Spotlight: Alice Fugate

Ever wonder what you do with a BA in English Lit and an MA in Art History? You build a career in science, technology, and business, of course!

Meet Alice Fugate, an at-large member of OLLI’s Executive Committee and the Art + Architecture Curriculum Interest Group.

Alice transformed her liberal arts degrees from Knox College and Mizzou into an enjoyable position with Washington University, where she managed the evening academic degree programs in Data Processing offered through the WashU School of Continuing & Professional Studies. After this position, she ran her own business as a freelance writer and editor, developing college-level science and business textbooks for 20 years.

Alice also published four books on health and more than 40 articles, including a quarterly column on entrepreneurship for Intercom Magazine. Her articles received awards from the National Quality Assurance Institute and the Society for Technical Communication. She finished her publishing career as Senior Development Editor at Pearson College Science.

Alice married Steve LoGrasso, a nurse anesthetist, in 1989. 

When she retired in 2019, Alice discovered OLLI. She always gravitated toward situations that require continuous learning, and Alice believes OLLI is a great way to do this. These days, she feels like she has come full circle — getting back to her roots in adult learning and the humanities. After not singing for 40 years, Alice recently started taking voice lessons and joined the St. Louis County Community Chorus. She also serves on the board of the Missouri Archaeological Society.

Alice takes an OLLI class every term.

“I am so impressed by the breadth of knowledge and life experience I encounter here,” she says.