The Nude in Western Art

Tuesdays, 1 - 3 pm

Facilitator: Edie Tashma
Moderator: Carol Wall

The nude is the most enduring image in Western art.  We casually stroll through art museums surrounded by images of people’s unclothed bodies and completely visible genitalia, yet we are totally shocked by this kind of display in any other part of life.  Why?  The answer differs somewhat in every period of Western history.  Let’s unwrap the meaning of nudity in Western art.  There will be a few pages of reading assigned prior to the start of classes.  Please note: the class will include lots of images of nudes.

TuesdaysApril 4 – May 23, 20231 – 3 pmHybrid
Zoom & In-person
WashU West Campus
begins March 7