Geometry for the Curious

Tuesdays, 10 am - 12 pm

Facilitators: David Brown & Dominic Soda

The high school geometry experience divides the world: those who loved it and those who didn’t. What is geometry anyway? Is it a description of reality or a logical exercise used to train young minds? Perhaps it is both.

This course will begin by revisiting and reviewing high school geometry. We will follow that with a look at some number systems which are needed for geometry. We will proceed to see how number systems and algebra become indispensable tools for understanding geometric concepts. Finally we will see that there are a great many geometries and that they are all useful in understanding reality.

TuesdaysApril 4 – May 23, 202310 am – 12 pmHybrid. Online via Zoom & In-Person at
WashU West Campus
begins March 7