Sisters of Lulu

Wednesdays, 10 am - 12 pm

Facilitator: Sol Guber

If Madama Butterfly were more self-reliant, her story would have ended differently. We will be watching operas about women who are self-sufficient and know what they want. First we will see Berg’s “Lulu”, who will kill three husbands.  Then comes Minnie, “The Girl of the Golden West”, who shows that you can get a man with a gun.  The monologue from Andriessen’s Anais Nin will show why her first book is called Incest. The Duchess of Argyll’s scandalous divorce is revealed in Ades’ “Powder her Face”   A musical version of Strindberg’s ”Julia” by Boesman will be next.  An Opera about the life of “Anna Nicole” (yes, that Anna Nicole) was written by Turnage.  The course completes with “Susanna” by Floyd.

WednesdaysApril 5 – May 24, 202310 am – 12 pmIn-person
WashU West Campus
begins March 7