Bebop and Beyond: Jazz Innovation in the 40s-50s and its Impact on Jazz Today

Wednesdays, 1 - 3 pm

Facilitator: Henry Ettman

During the 40s and 50s, jazz evolved from the Swing Era’s pop music into a more “serious” and complex form called bebop, which quickly developed offshoots including the cool jazz of the 1950s. Join us to listen to and discuss jazz of the era from two closely entwined perspectives: (A) Exploring the musical trends and styles of the period (via records, videos examining styles and individual musicians), and the influences these trends and styles have exerted on today’s jazz; and (B) Examining how business, the economy, social forces (e.g. in race relations) and technology influenced the course of jazz, and the styles that emerged in the 40s and 50s.

WednesdaysJuly 12 – August 2, 20231 -3 pmIn-person
WashU West Campus
Registration opens June 6