If you would like to order the books for your OLLI classes from the Washington University Campus Storewe would be happy to fulfill those orders with your 20% discount on the books. There is a $6.99 charge to have the books shipped to your home. To place an order, go to the WU Campus Store website at wubookstore.com and enter the ISBN# for each book you wish to order. The list will give you all of the information you will need. The bookstore is unable to accept orders by phone. If you have any questions, please email Mary McGinley, Campus Bookstore Manager, at Marym@wustl.edu. 

Please note: The required manual for the African American Literature course, “A Hand is on the Gate” can only be purchased on the OLLI course registration website. The cost is $25 and includes shipping and handling.

Booklist for fall 2020 term classes of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  

(class name followed by book information for ordering): 

Turning Life Into Fiction 

        Fiction Writer’s Workshop    ISBN# 9781582975368    ($18.99)

Haunted By Rivers 

        A River Runs Through It    ISBN# 9780226472065    ($15.00)

‘El Boom’ 20th Century Latin American Literature
        The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories       ISBN# 9780195130850        ($21.95)

Western Visual Arts from Pre-History to Late 19th Century

        Instant Art History    ISBN# 9780449906989    ($17.00)

Detective Fiction 

        A Better Man    ISBN# 9781250066312    ($17.99)

        A Rising Man    ISBN# 9781681776705     

        The Missing American    ISBN# 9781641290708    ($27.95)

        The Missing File    ISBN# 9780062195388    ($14.99)

        Cold Cold Ground    ISBN# 9781094080987     ($15.95)

        Force of Nature     ISBN# 9781250105653    ($16.99)

        Every Bitter Thing    ISBN# 9781569479988    ($16.95)

Calculus for the Curious 

        Infinite Powers    ISBN# 9780358299288    ($17.99)

The Story of Us 

        Sapiens    ISBN# 9780062316110    ($24.99)

Plagues and Peoples 

        Spillover    ISBN# 9780393346619    ($18.95)

Book Club Discussion 

        The Final Solution    ISBN# 9780060777104    ($13.99)