OLLI Remembers Bettye Dew

OLLI members lost a friend when Bettye Dew died unexpectedly while on vacation in Australia in January.  A passionate member of OLLI, Bettye was editor for Potpourri 2020, led many Creative Nonfiction courses, and contributed greatly to the OLLI newsletter. Her friends Ellen Boone and Karen Sterbenz have written remembrances of her. When we lost […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Julien Worland

Meet longtime OLLI member and Executive Committee Secretary. Trained as a clinical psychologist specializing in children and families, Julien joined OLLI about 15 years ago. While still practicing psychology, a friend invited him to join the Reading the Wall Street Journal course. Julien saw the wisdom of starting an OLLI membership then, in preparation for the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Alice Fugate

Ever wonder what you do with a BA in English Lit and an MA in Art History? You build a career in science, technology, and business, of course! Meet Alice Fugate, an at-large member of OLLI’s Executive Committee and the Art + Architecture Curriculum Interest Group. Alice transformed her liberal arts degrees from Knox College […]